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Creating values on the way to the metaverse: Foundation Metaverse Europe Expert Symposium in Brüssel

14 Februar @ 9:30 14:00

The advantages and potentials of metaverse, AI and immersive technologies for medium-sized companies and Enterprises are obvious. Nevertheless, there are justified concerns, for example regarding IT security, transparency, algorithmic discrimination and digital overload. Many companies also lack a clear understanding of the economic benefits of such applications.

In this context, questions arise regarding ethical guidelines and landmarks on the way to the metaverse.

  • How can the metaverse and AI increase the efficiency and economic stability of companies in global competition?
  • How can it be ensured that these innovations on the path to the metaverse comply with the principles of business ethics?

Answering these questions is crucial to encourage management councils in corporate and medium-sized companies to integrate immersive technologies into their operations and to promote the acceptance of such future-oriented technologies among employees.

The aim of the event is to discuss these issues and develop concrete solutions. In a subsequent discourse phase, hybrid exchange formats, networking events, blog posts and further editorial inputs will be established. Experts, entrepreneurs, users and political actors will be given the opportunity to exchange views on the participatory and ethical design of immersive media on the way to the metaverse, and to provide or find orientation. Recommendations for action will be formulated together and practical examples will be made tangible.


9:30 Admission / Café and small breakfast

9:50 Welcome: Maren Courage, Director Foundation Metaverse Europe, Daniela Theisinger, Managing Director Deutsche Telekom, Global Business Solutions Belgium NV/SA

10:00 Keynotes

  • „Digital Sovereignty“ – Axel Voss, MEP, EPP spokesperson on the Committee on Legal Affairs (JURI), focus on digital policy 
  •  „EU strategy to lead on Web 4.0 and virtual worlds“ – Rehana Schwinninger-Ladak, Head of Unit DG Connect, European Commission
  •  “Virtual Environments, Real Responsibilities: Safeguarding Fundamental Rights in XR“ – Emmie Hine, University of Bologna 

10:40 Thematic Workshop

  • Participants divided into two groups. Moderation: Patrick Grady, Founder Metaverse EU / Oliver Autumn, Director Foundation Metaverse Europe
  • Each group will focus on two of these core topics: Protection of identities, Intellectual self-control, Legally secure space, European sovereignty, Shaping democracy.
  • Identification of the specific challenges that arise in the metaverse on these topics. 

12:00 Coffee Break

12:15 Synthesis and Formulation

  • Presentation and discussion of the results. 
  • Find approaches for recommendations for action that need to be explored in greater depth in the subsequent 6- month discourse phase.

12:45 Conclusion and Perspectives: Oliver Autumn, Director Foundation Metaverse Europe

  • Announcement of next steps.
  • Invitation to contribute to blog articles and other editorial initiatives.

13:00 Get together with lunch

14:00 Closing

The event will take place under Chatham House Rule.

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