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Europe’s struggle for sovereignty on the road to the metaverse: Defence capabilities, predictions and the search for identity

29 May @ 18:00 21:00

The Internet, which once began as a narrow path, now resembles a motorway without speed control and is developing inexorably into an increasingly digital space – which we understand as the metaverse. With increasing electricity consumption and exponentially growing data volumes, not only are new business and social models emerging, but the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) is also playing a key role. Just as Munich, Stuttgart and Wolfsburg stand for Germany, Silicon Valley represents America’s technological epicentre. However, this dominant position does not only harbour advantages. That’s why we are addressing these questions:

What defines the “European” metaverse, and how can Europe maintain its sovereignty and at the same time play a pioneering role?

Date: 29.5. from 18:00
Where: Berlin, tba.

– Christian Rücker, CEO ARDOR SE and Maren Courage, Director Foundation Metaverse Europe

– Axel Voss, Member of the European Parliament for the Middle Rhine region (CDU), EPP spokesperson in the Legal Affairs Committee (JURI), focus on digital policy (video message)
– Peter Deussen, National Standards Officer Germany Microsoft, coordinates the German delegations in the European and international standardisation of AI

Lecture and discussion:
– Dr Martin C. Wolff, Founder KRITIS and Cyber Consulting Company

The event is part of a series organised by Brussels and Berlin, the Metaverse Europe Foundation and HPI, as well as economic and social stakeholders.

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