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European Sovereignty: Defence (Capability) – Recognition, Evaluation and Forecasting – Event in Berlin

"What is and can be genuinely European about the Internet?" The Internet, which once began as a narrow path, now resembles a motorway without speed control and is developing inexorably into an increasingly digital space - which we understand as the metaverse. With increasing electricity consumption and exponentially growing data volumes, not only are new business and social models emerging, […]

Foundation Metaverse Europe Expert Symposium in Brussels

Artificial intelligence will create virtual worlds almost independently. Through the use of machine learning and other algorithmic techniques, artificial intelligence will analyse large amounts of data, recognise patterns, draw conclusions and even take over human-like conversations. As a result, it is able to create virtual worlds in an efficient and precise way to fit the respective user. There will be […]

Foundation Metaverse Europe Event in Brussels – The Fusion of AI and Corporate Metaverse

With ChatGPT and the like, the hype surrounding artificial intelligence is once again the top digitalisation topic this year. More and more companies and organisations are trying to take advantage of this technology. The fusion of virtual worlds with artificial intelligence will create entirely new dimensions of business opportunities. In the context of the corporate metaverse, other technologies besides AI […]

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