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  • Foundation Metaverse Europe Position Paper on Positive Futures from the Metaverse by Dr. Isabella Hermann
    Positive Narratives for a democratic Metaverse Narratives are established stories and tales that have meaning for a cultural group because they transmit certain emotions and values. Narratives shape our thoughts and actions. Science fiction conveys narratives that connect the present with possible futures. The genre does not provide an instruction manual for the future, but stories that take place in […]
  • Foundation Metaverse Europe Position Paper on Metaverse and European Sovereignty by Dr. phil. Martin C. Wolff
    The core competence of a Digital Sovereignty There is a moral obligation to use artificial intelligence. If these technologies make our daily lives easier, reduce suffering and increase happiness, and help us facilitate and improve institutional missions in the church, schools, government and wherever else, then we need to use them. Their use requires competence. There is no alternative to […]
  • Foundation Metaverse Europe Position Paper on Identity Protection by Louis Rosenberg, PhD
    The Metaverse and Conversational AI as a Threat Vector for Targeted Influence Abstract Over the last 18 months, two human-computer interaction (HCI) technologies have rapidly come to mainstream markets, funded by massive investments from major corporations. The first area of advancement has been virtual and augmented worlds, now commonly called “The Metaverse.” The second area of advancement has been the […]
  • Foundation Metaverse Europe Position Paper on Metaverse and Mental Self-Regulation by Prof. Dr. Thomas Metzinger
    Altered states of consciousness in technological change to the coming metaverse A main problem for a contemporary culture of awareness is the new “attention extraction economy”. Powered by self-learning AI and advanced, self-improving algorithms, it extracts attention from human brains and turns it into money. Today, information and entertainment are available almost everywhere for free. Attention, on the other hand, […]
  • Foundation Metaverse Europe Position Paper on Metaverse and Web3 by Lennart Blödorn
    What is Web3? If one considers the metaverse as a virtual communication space that maps a new or existing reality, then the web3 can be understood as a part of its infrastructure. However, the web3 is not simply the same as the metaverse. Both the web3 and different metaverse can function independently. By connecting to the blockchain and the token […]
  • Our study “Democratic Values as Understood in Europe in the Metaverse”.
    This study was prepared by our Foundation Metaverse Europe in collaboration with Stiftung Zukunft. This exploratory study explores challenges and opportunities for democracy in the metaverse and presents areas for deeper work. Accordingly, democracy could be threatened in the future by the implementation of the vision of a centralized, private-sector metaverse in the three areas of fundamental rights, the public […]
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