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  • Foundation Metaverse Europe Meeting with Nicola Beer, Vice President of the European Parliament
    Last week we were in Brussels to place the efforts and goals we pursue with the Foundation Metaverse Europe on a European level. To further concretize this, we met Nicola Beer, Vice President in the European Parliament, among others. We talked to her in reference to the recently published initiative of the European Commission “Web.4.0 and virtual worlds”, about our … Read more
  • Europe takes a stand on #Web4.0 and #Metaverse
    On Wednesday, the European Commission presented the strategy for web4.0 and virtual worlds at a special high-level event. Roberto Viola, Director Geneal of DG CONNECT presso European Commission was a guest at the Federal Ministry of Digital and Transport online. Afterwards there was the possibility to ask questions directly to Rehana Schwinninger-Ladak , Head of the Unit “Interactive Technologies, Digital … Read more
  • The fusion of reality and AI: The metaverse of the future.
    The hype around artificial intelligence is the top digitization topic this year with ChatGPT and Co. Artificial intelligence has the potential to perform many complex tasks more effectively and quickly than human workers, which can lead to higher productivity and efficiency. More and more companies and organizations are therefore trying to take advantage of this technology. Although artificial intelligence offers … Read more
  • Review of the Foundation Metaverse Europe Expert Roundtable on Web3, Crypto and Digital Ownership
    On 21.3.23, our Foundation Metaverse Europe expert panel on Web3, Crypto and Digital Ownership took place at the TÜV Nord Group Representative Office in Berlin. The occasion was to highlight the current developments on our core topic of digital ownership with leading experts from the field of Web3 and Blockchain and to derive the current recommendations for action. We started … Read more
  • How should the metaverse affect society? – Foundation Metaverse Europe founder on the digitalpacemaker podcast.
    In Vodafone’s new DigitalPacemaker episode, Foundation Metaverse Europe founder Maren Courage and Bundestag member Mario Brandenburg spoke with Ulrich Irnich, CIO at Vodafone Germany about how the Metaverse is expected to impact society. Episode #26 discusses the influences the Metaverse will have on our society. The guests will be Mario Brandenburg, Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Education … Read more
  • What will become of our shared reality in the metaverse?
    With the Foundation Metaverse Europe we started to ask questions and to think ourselves into a world in which Augmented Reality or the “Augmented Metaverse”, similar to the Internet today, will be part of our everyday life in the future. The next development step after the cell phone is definitely the cool smart MR glasses, which have already been announced … Read more
  • Review first foundation meeting 2023
    If we continue to discuss so well in top-class expert circles, we have a good feeling for a responsible society in the age of exponential technology growth. Cue metaverse, the tip of the iceberg in which so many of the highly exciting Technologies like XR, AI, 5/6G Blockchain will play along is not an issue we can push into the … Read more
  • Video recording: “Come with me to the Metaverse – How can we democratize Extended Digital Reality?”
    At the D³ – Germany, Digital, Democratic: Online Congress on Digital Democracy 2022, more than 1,000 participants discussed all aspects of digital democratic participation with over 100 experts over two days. On Day 2, Board Member Stiftung Zukunft Berlin Isabella Hermann joined Maren Courage, Executive Director Foundation Metaverse Europe and Sebastian Weise, Konrad Adenauer Foundation to discuss the topic “Come … Read more
  • Article in the Tagesspiegel about our 1st study “Democratic values according to European understanding in the metaverse”.
    While many are still not quite sure whether virtual worlds like the Metaverse will have much appeal at all, visions are already being developed for their suitability for democracy. Yesterday, Stiftung Zukunft Berlin and Foundation Metaverse Europe presented an explorative study on this topic, in which they identify political options for action. … Read more
  • Our study “Democratic Values as Understood in Europe in the Metaverse”.
    This study was prepared by our Foundation Metaverse Europe in collaboration with Stiftung Zukunft. This exploratory study explores challenges and opportunities for democracy in the metaverse and presents areas for deeper work. Accordingly, democracy could be threatened in the future by the implementation of the vision of a centralized, private-sector metaverse in the three areas of fundamental rights, the public … Read more
  • How can we anchor European values in the metaverse?
    We’ve been hearing a lot, and regularly, about the accelerating development of the Metaverse in recent months. Everything that is brought to us here sounds very complex and it is not yet clear what exactly the Metaverse will look like. Let’s go back to 1709 for a moment. Back then, the speed of technological progress was much slower than it … Read more
  • Review of the Kick-off Event of the Foundation Metaverse Europe
    Top Kickoff Event of our Foundation Metaverse Europe on Monday at Pan Am Lounge – Berlin above the rooftops of the city. After a welcome speech by Oliver Autumn and Maren Courage, the founders of the non-profit foundation, it continued with great impulses from our talk guests: Iris Plöger Maike Scholz Tobias Eismann and Isabella Hermann around the #Metaverse and … Read more
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