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Review of our online symposium “Metaverse and Artificial Intelligence in the Arts”

Our first symposium on the topic of “Metaverse and artificial intelligence in the arts” took place on 11 January 2024.

The exploratory meeting on the integration of the metaverse and artificial intelligence in the art world focussed on traditional art experiences, the interaction between artists and audiences in the metaverse, ethical aspects, effects on the art market and new opportunities for emerging artists.

The session began with a round of introductions and a short brainstorming session on the potential of new technologies, focussing in particular on the technological developments of artificial intelligence, NFTs and immersive technologies. Kerstin Gold gave some introductory impulses on the influence of Web3 on art collecting.

The ensuing debate ranged from communication platforms, the classic art market, investments in editions (instead of unique pieces) to the importance of games and the value of interactivity in an increasingly digital society.

Christie’s art trade with a view to the 20. and 21st century brought an additional perspective from the point of view of an auction house, especially with regard to art on credit.

Further discussions focused on the gap between art and the art market, the role of collectors in the art market, the capitalisation of art, the influence of lifestyle on the perception of art and concerns about these developments. It was discussed that the focus in the art market may be shifting away from creative work and developing into a “collector driven market”.

In addition to the potential, fears of digital technologies in the art sector were also discussed. Opinions on these developments varied, with some emphasising the variety of new opportunities and the associated enrichment through technological innovations, while others saw traditional business models as being at risk. The importance of detailed ethical criteria and still too vague orientation points on the way to the metaverse was also emphasised. Overall, the meeting offered a multifaceted exchange on the current and future challenges and opportunities for the art sector at the interface of art and technology.

Participants were:

  • Oliver Autumn, Director Foundation Metaverse Europe
  • Dirk Boll, President Christie’s Europe, Middle East, Russia and India
  • Maren Courage, Director Foundation Metaverse Europe, (Moderation)
  • Robert Eckstein, Director Business Development Fine Art Invest Group AG
  • Kerstin Gold, Co-Founder art+tech strategist for the art ecosystem
  • Nina Röhrs, CEO Galerie Roehrs & Boetsch, Zürich
  • Thomas Schulte, Executive Director. Galerie Thomas Schulte
  • Paul Spies, Vorstand und künstlerischer Direktor des Stadtmuseums Berlin sowie Chef-Kurator des Landes Berlin im Humboldt Forum
  • Dr. Christian Stein – Co-Founder gamelab.berlin

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