• Brussels, Berlin, Europe

Central tasks of the foundation

In order to operate on a European level, we establish liaison offices in various European cities. Our local contacts establish relevant contacts with appropriate stakeholders. Our liaison offices serve as a European platform for recommendations for action and guidelines that need to be heard by politicians and society. In doing so, we pursue the following objectives:

  1. Uphold values of the European Union, such as fairness, diversity, transparency, equality, freedom, solidarity and democracy in the metaverse, adapt and expand them if necessary. In Europe, we have created principles for a community of values that must be honored, upheld, adapted to new societal and social norms if necessary, and taken into the metaverse or our shared, digital reality.
  1. Identify disruptions, identify and capitalize on opportunities, and counteract potential disruptions in our society and in our business world. In this way, we can preserve the standard of living and sovereignty of citizens even in the metaverse, improve transparency, and ensure legal clarity and self-determination.
  2. Support European initiatives and projects, as well as inform the public, business & political communities about the implications of the upheaval emerging through the Metaverse.
    We will lead the discussion on fundamental libertarian rights in the European context in order to identify trends of the increasing and mass use of immersive technologies in the metaverse in Europe in time, to forecast them and to establish appropriate developments. Facts must be created that cannot be so easily displaced by non-European ecosystems and values. For this, the foundation needs strong partners. Now. The future is already a reality.

We support projects in the following areas that fit our goals, both monetarily and in terms of content:

1. education: Digital transformation & education for children and young people

2. science: conducting studies in and around the metaverse.

3. art & culture: “making visible” or the confrontation with the metaverse

4. business: support in the change process towards the metaverse, highlighting the new opportunities, preserving ethics.

We also offer forums, talks, workshops on Metaverse in the context of high-level events and market research.

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