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Foundation Metaverse Europe Open Discussion on Metaverse Ethics in Brüssel

24 September @ 17:00 21:00 Europe/Brüssel

Welcome to our event series, “Open Discussion on Metaverse Ethics,” where we explore the ethical implications of artificial intelligence as a crucial driver in shaping the metaverse. Each session features a diverse panel including representatives from startups, corporate lobbyists, investors, policymakers, and other thought leaders.


  • Key Details: Artificial intelligence (AI) is a transformative force within the metaverse, influencing sectors like education, marketing, healthcare, sustainability, and art and design with profound ethical implications. AI promises broader access and enhanced capabilities in education and research but raises concerns about data privacy and algorithmic biases. In marketing, AI-driven personalization raises ethical questions about consumer manipulation and data privacy. AI’s role in healthcare offers benefits but requires careful consideration of patient privacy and algorithmic fairness. AI tools in sustainability can aid in addressing global challenges, necessitating ethical stewardship to manage environmental impacts and ensure equitable access. AI-generated content in art and design presents challenges around intellectual property and cultural authenticity, prompting discussions on ethical standards in digital creativity.

  • Format: Informal open discussions

  • Participants: Each session will include 2 representatives from startups, corporate lobbyists, investors, policymakers, and other relevant stakeholders.

  • Audience: Limited to 20 participants per session to facilitate intimate and engaging discussions.

  • Location: Meetdistrict Brussels

Join us as we navigate the ethical challenges and opportunities presented by AI-driven advancements in the metaverse. Together, we will foster meaningful dialogue among diverse perspectives. Together we will foster a meaningful dialogue between different perspectives.

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