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In order to achieve our ambitious goals with the preparation of studies and the implementation of high-profile expert panels, we need strong partners. Partners who want to work for the preservation of European values in an increasingly digital space, partners who develop concepts and ideas with us, implement them and also finance them. Therefore, please feel free to approach us and talk to us!

Or secure our commitment with your donation.

We will issue a donation receipt for donations of more than 200.00 euros. Please send us the corresponding payment receipt with the keyword “donation receipt” to donations@foundationmetaverse.eu.

With the increasing use of virtual platforms in the emerging metaverse, the outflow of data, the loss of European fundamental rights and values will multiply in magnitude in the future.

Technologies are developing rapidly and the pressure to develop new regulations and adapt existing ones is increasing enormously. That is why companies and NGOs need recommendations for action today for ethical dealings in the digital space in connection with artificial intelligence, in order to prevent social and political division!

Thank you for your support.

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