• Brussels, Berlin, Europe


The Metaverse Europe Foundation is a non-profit think tank that brings together European experts, leaders and opinion leaders, in order to maintain a mature society with regard to the metaverse and to prevent political and social division. We work independently of interest groups and parties. Our foundation has set itself the goal of anchoring our European values and common ideas of democracy, the rule of law, and freedom in the metaverse and securing European sovereignty and ability to act in the digital space.

The Foundation works with other organizations, companies, and governments to promote infrastructure, standards, and best practices for the Metaverse. We provide guidance and recommendations for action for European actors and stakeholders from educational and cultural institutions, science and research, companies and associations, civil society and NGOs as well as politics and administration.

In view of the serious changes brought about by globalization and due to the current global political situation and the increasing threats, Europe is at a crossroads. In addition to the pressing issues of security, peace, dealing with pandemics and climate change, digitization is also a core issue for Europe.

In the metaverse, virtual images and new worlds are created from many interactions, things and places, which gradually develop a life of their own through the linking of data. This creates individualized, parallel, digital worlds for each of us with their own laws and possibilities, which can be controlled and manipulated by artificial intelligences. In Europe, we have created values over centuries, which must be preserved and, if necessary, adapted in these new worlds. We call for recognizing the risks and dangers of these disruptive developments around the metaverse and setting the right course to counteract potential disruptions in our society and business world.

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