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About us

We have been building bridges between the analog and digital worlds in the fields of art, culture and business since the beginning of our careers. Through our pioneering work as Founder of the VR Business Club, Europe’s leading network for immersive technologies, we know where leading companies stand with their digital strategy, what challenges arts and cultural institutions face, and what hurdles and problems exist in the education sector.

Maren Courage has been engaged as a director and actress at various theaters in Germany and Austria, including the Salzburg Festival, the Salzburg Schauspielhaus, the Vienna Raimundtheater and the Heidelberg Stadttheater. There, she dealt with multimedia extensions of her productions at an early stage. Another focus of your work is branded content. As Managing Director of Hamburg-based Future Entertainment, Maren has executed projects for clients such as Warner, Universal and Porsche, promoting and communicating motion pictures and brands using new digital tools. Since 2016, Maren Courage, as founder of the VR Business Club, has hosted and organized over 200 events for executives of medium-sized and large companies.

Oliver Autumn has been involved for 30 years in leading positions in various companies in software development, as well as in corporate venture capital. Together with the former boss of German Railways and Chairman of the Board of the AEG Group Dr. Heinz Dürr, he was the world’s first provider of multimedia experience management for customers such as Audi, Voith and Siemens with netcoach GmbH. After the trade sale of the company, he advised venture capitalists and private entrepreneurs on the development of new business models in the course of digitalization. As managing director of the Hamburg-based company Future Entertainment, he worked for clients such as Warner Bros. Entertainment, Universal Pictures and Porsche. Oliver Autumn has been managing the dialog and matchmaking platform VR Business Club together with Maren Courage since 2016.

We are supported by an independent, international panel of experts to discuss and strategically position the core issues of our foundation.

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