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Digital ethics in the metaverse: Impulses for Ethical Guardrails.

With an introduction by Timotheus Höttges, our supporting member Deutsche Telekom recently published a white paper in the field of digital ethics – “Digital Ethics in the Metaverse: Impulses for Ethical Guardrails.”

The authors are Elmar Arunov, Research Lead Metaverse, Deutsche Telekom AG, and Maike Scholz, Squad Lead Digital Ethics, Deutsche Telekom AG.

The telecoms industry plays a central role in creating a highly connected environment, especially in the context of the metaverse. Seamless interaction between participants requires reliable and fast connectivity, which is provided by companies such as Deutsche Telekom. In addition, increased security and data protection measures are necessary to protect the privacy of users in this digital environment.

Telecommunications companies like Telekom can play a significant role in developing and implementing security protocols and privacy standards to ensure a trustworthy and secure metaverse for users. As the metaverse continues to evolve, these companies need to be innovative and flexible in order to adapt to changing requirements. Cooperation with various stakeholders such as the civilian population, science, politics and other sectors and companies is crucial in order to research and develop new technologies.

Why a white paper? In combination with GenAI, the metaverse not only has the potential to be a technological advancement, but also a paradigm shift that requires responsibility and ethical leadership.

The white paper proposes ethical guardrails to serve as a compass to navigate the uncharted territories of the metaverse. From data protection to inclusion, from security to sustainability, these guidelines are intended to provide orientation.

You can download the whitepaper here: Digitale Ethik im Metaverse: Impulse für Ethische Leitplanken.

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