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Review of our online symposium “Creating value on the way to the metaverse” in Paris

On Friday 24 January, the second symposium of the Metaverse Europe Foundation in collaboration with France Immersive Learning took place in Paris at the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers. After a brief introduction by Oliver Autumn and Vanessa Pénélope, the discussion began with a focus on some current ethical issues.

The workshop participants agreed to place the tension between digital sovereignty, data sovereignty and privacy at the centre of the discussion.

It became clear that the development of ethical guidelines for ALL participants worldwide in the Metaverse is too complex. We therefore focussed on highlighting the current challenges facing companies and groups. We discussed topics ranging from concerns to solutions and requirements.

With the perspective of an XR solution provider (ORamaVR), a company that uses immersive technologies (Alstom) and the experience of an IT company (Inetum), supported by professional consulting expertise (Accenture), we have achieved an impressive result.

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