• Brussels, Berlin, Europe

What will become of our shared reality in the metaverse?

With the Foundation Metaverse Europe we started to ask questions and to think ourselves into a world in which Augmented Reality or the “Augmented Metaverse”, similar to the Internet today, will be part of our everyday life in the future. The next development step after the cell phone is definitely the cool smart MR glasses, which have already been announced […]

Foundation Metaverse Europe Position Paper on Metaverse and Mental Self-Regulation by Prof. Dr. Thomas Metzinger (Original in German, automatically translated version)

Altered states of consciousness in technological change to the coming metaverse A main problem for a contemporary culture of awareness is the new “attention extraction economy”. Powered by self-learning AI and advanced, self-improving algorithms, it extracts attention from human brains and turns it into money. Today, information and entertainment are available almost everywhere for free. Attention, on the other hand, […]

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