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Review first foundation meeting 2023

If we continue to discuss so well in top-class expert circles, we have a good feeling for a responsible society in the age of exponential technology growth. Cue metaverse, the tip of the iceberg in which so many of the highly exciting Technologies like XR, AI, 5/6G Blockchain will play along is not an issue we can push into the […]

Foundation Metaverse Europe Position Paper on Metaverse and Web3 by Lennart Blödorn (Original in German, automatically translated version)

What is Web3? If one considers the metaverse as a virtual communication space that maps a new or existing reality, then the web3 can be understood as a part of its infrastructure. However, the web3 is not simply the same as the metaverse. Both the web3 and different metaverse can function independently. By connecting to the blockchain and the token […]

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